2024 Dancin’ With My Favorite Princess Summer Camp

Dancin' With My Favorite Princess Visions Dance Academy Camp Summer Camp at Visions

Dancin’ With My Favorite Princess Camp Regular Price $225 / wk.

Early Bird Special Feb 1st – Mar 1st – $195
Ages 3-9

?Calling all Princesses and their cherished Dollies! It’s time for a royal rendezvous like no other! ?

Whether your beloved princess soars through the skies on a magical carpet or gracefully swims beneath the sea with a shimmering mermaid tail, resides in an enchanted forest, or dwells under a spell in an enchanting castle, prepare to be enchanted by this spellbinding dance camp filled with adventure!

Grab your favorite princess dollie  to meet four Very Important Princesses (V.I.P.s) in their majestic castles. Together, you’ll embark on a quest to fill your Passport to Royalty with dancing fun!

Navigate a sparkling scavenger hunt for precious jewels, twirl and swirl around underwater treasure chests, and craft glittering masterpieces that will shine as bright as your dreams. 

This ballet and tap dance camp isn’t just twice the fun – it’s the ultimate passport to creating unforgettable memories with your favorite dancin’ princess dollie friend! #PrincessDanceAdventure ?


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10 am to 1 pm
July 15 to July 18, 2024