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Competition Dance Classes

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Visions Dance Academy is known nationally for their diverse choreography and top level training stressing both the importance of proper technique and the PASSION of doing what you love! Competition Dance Classes are designed for the more serious dancer!  Students are grouped together by age and ability.  The student participates in a required amount of hours according to their age and skill level. They are trained in all genres with an emphasis on Ballet, Technique, Strength Training and preparing them for competitive dance performances. Visions Dance Academy trains the student to be able to leave and take their passion to a higher level.  We like to say we teach the student until there is nothing left to teach them. Our instructors strive to be the best they can be in mentoring, building confidence and training their students in both dance and life. Competitive students at Visions Dance Academy are given the opportunity to receive high quality training, guest teachers from all over the country, intensive classes and a positive learning environment.  We hope to see you soon!

Visions Dance Academy offers two levels of Competitive Teams.

1. Performance Team – this level is designed for a beginning competition student and allows the student to be introduced to competitive level training in all genres and they are not required to commit to as many hours per week.

2. Competitive Team –  dancers are required to take a certain amount of hours in all genres according to their age and skill level.  Our competitive teams compete a minimum of 2-4 required routines, while also having the opportunity to be chosen for special routines and small groups. Solos, duet / trios are chosen by the Artistic Director.

Competition Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is a classical dance form creating expression through movement. Ballet provides a foundation for all other forms of dance. We focus ballet technique, proper body alignment, terminology and musicality. Ballet movements are taught at the Ballet Barre, Center and across the floors.

Competition Tap Dance Classes

Tap focuses on rhythm and sound, while teaching the basic tap technique and terminology. Tap focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork, creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer’s feet. Tap steps are taught in the center and across the floor, as well as, tap choreography.

Pointe Dance Classes Matthews NC

Competition Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Dance Classes

Jazz is a high energy dance consisting of stretching, jumping, rhythmic dance moves, with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, performed to contemporary music. All music selections and dance moves are age appropriate. Lyrical / Contemporary is an expression of the lyrics through technical and disciplined dance movement. This class consists of stretching, technique, leaps and turns. We condition and strengthen while focusing on flexibility and proper alignment.

Visions Dance Academy Testimonial

This is the third studio we've been to, and it's by far our favorite!

My daughters love dance and always get excited to go each week. You can tell they’re serious about dance at Visions, but still provide a supportive and caring environment for the dancers. We will be starting up again next week…can’t wait!

Leslie Mason

Visions Dance Academy Testimonial

My daughter and her friend joined this summer and were welcomed by everybody.

It is a really supportive and positive environment and they have both improved phenomenally. The Dance teachers push them to do their very best in class and they have made lots of friends. They are proud to be a part of Visions Dance Academy and cannot wait to grow more as dancers.

Jo Malone

Dance teacher student
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Ballet Dance Classes Matthews NC
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