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Tumbling Classes For Ages 5-10

Tumbling is a class that teaches physical activities without equipment and can also be referred to as, floor gymnastics.  Tumbling classes teach the student flexibility, strength and stamina.   We focus on form and technique while practicing strength and safety.  Tumbling classes can help the student prepare for cheerleading tryouts or the soccer player that makes a goal and wants to do a flip to celebrate!  There is also a back handspring pass technique in soccer that children wish to master.  Tumbling classes are very beneficial to the dancer for back strength, core and flexibility to master certain tricks performed in jazz, contemporary and lyrical routines.

Ages 5-7 Years Beginner Tumbling Classes

Ages 5-7 Years Beginner Tumbling Classes

This class is designed to introduce basic tumbling skills such as, backbends, cartwheel, round-offs, handstand and rolls, while also building their motor skills, confidence, and strength. The class is taught utilizing floor mats only, bands and yoga blocks for stretching and a roll out balance beam for developing their balance skills. We offer your child an introduction of the basics of tumbling that are necessary for development and growth in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and overall fitness.

Class meets for 45 minutes once a week.

Ages 7-10 Years Intermediate Tumbling Classes

Minimum basic skills are required: This class will cover skills such as, Cartwheel, round offs and unassisted back and front walkovers. Tumblers will work on strength and proper technique needed to do a standing and running aerial and also back handsprings and roundoff back handsprings. The children will be kept moving through stretching to improve their flexibility, skill exercises, stunts in place, as well as, running stunts. Tumbling classes are an overall great skill to have in your students repertoire, necessary for development and growth in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and overall fitness.

Class meets for one hour once a week.

Tumbling Classes
Visions Dance Academy Testimonial

This is the third studio we've been to, and it's by far our favorite!

My daughters love dance and always get excited to go each week. You can tell they’re serious about dance at Visions, but still provide a supportive and caring environment for the dancers. We will be starting up again next week…can’t wait!

Leslie Mason

Visions Dance Academy Testimonial

My daughter and her friend joined this summer and were welcomed by everybody.

It is a really supportive and positive environment and they have both improved phenomenally. The Dance teachers push them to do their very best in class and they have made lots of friends. They are proud to be a part of Visions Dance Academy and cannot wait to grow more as dancers.

Jo Malone

Dance teacher student
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