Five Reasons Your Child Should Take Classes at a Matthews Dance Studio

Many people do not realise dance is more than an artistic form of self-expression. Discover its hidden benefits at our Matthews Dance studio.

If you are looking for an after-school or pre-school activity for your child, why not consider dance classes at our Matthews dance studio? 

While many people believe dancing is a playful form of self-expression (and it definitely is), there are several reasons why it can make a positive difference to a child’s development. Take a look at the benefits of learning to dance: 

  1. Dance builds body awareness

Children who learn to dance connect with their bodies and form a deeper understanding of what they can do. By becoming aware of their muscles and limbs, they also learn to control them. Dance classes at our Matthews dance studio also helps children grow their knowledge of anatomy and human biology.  

Learning to move well sets children up for a healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to take care of themselves inside and out so they can achieve more. 

  1. Dancers grow their self-esteem

As children master new steps and skills, they are also improving their confidence. It can take time to figure out how to position their bodies, remember the steps and work in time with the music and doing so makes children feel proud of their efforts. 

Shy kids can really benefit from learning to dance at our Matthews dance studio and sharing their beautiful routines with their friends and family. 

  1. Dancers make great friends

Dance is all about teamwork. If your child attends classes at our Matthews dance studio regularly, they will make friends outside of their school group, often who they form a strong connection with. Working together encourages children to be supportive of each other and it is not uncommon for dance friends to form lifelong bonds. 

  1. Dance encourages self-control

Discipline is a big part of the dance world. All dancers are expected to show respect for their teachers and for each other. 

In many cases, children who find it difficult to keep still can find dance classes at our Matthews dance studio enjoyable. Lessons are broken up with short periods of listening and a great deal of movement to burn energy. 

As they grow older, it is often easy to spot the children who learn dancing in a crowd of their peers. They know how to behave when it is required of them and are used to putting thought into everything they do. 

  1. Dance encourages fitness and flexibility

Dance is a form of exercise and children who participate regularly will be healthy and able to enjoy participating in a range of other sports.

It is a myth that dance encourages a negative body image. At our Matthews dance studio, dancers are always celebrated for the effort and enthusiasm they bring to their lessons. We want them to always have a go and feel good about themselves. 

  1. Dance teaches skills for life

Not every child goes on to grace the stage at a professional level, and that’s fine! However, they will have a strong appreciation for the Arts world and for music, creativity, costume and showmanship. 

A child who has studied dance at our Matthews dance studio is able to transfer their willingness to learn into other areas of their life, including their schooling. 

  1. Dance is FUN!

Doesn’t it feel amazing to get moving? It’s the same for kids of all ages. When you dance, you have a few moments to forget your troubles and be completely yourself. 

At our Matthews dance studio, we love seeing the happy smiles on the face of every student after they have mastered a step or completed a difficult routine in front of an audience. It’s not all about winning or being the best, but enjoying the experience and discovering what your body can do. 

Ready to introduce your child to the world of dance? Book a FREE trial lesson at our Matthews dance today!

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