Yes, Boys Are Welcome at Our Matthews Dance Studio Too!

Break down the gender stereotypes and find out why it makes sense for boys of all ages to take dance lessons at our Matthews dance studio.

When you picture the typical hobbies of a boy and girl, chances are you’ll see a girl wearing ballet shoes and a tutu, while the boy holds a soccer ball or wears a karate outfit. But just as girls are enthusiastically welcomed to soccer clubs and martial arts studios, boys should be equally encouraged to give dancing a try. 

There are so many fun styles of dance for boys to learn and enjoy at our Matthews dance studio. What’s more, taking part brings real benefits for their development. 

Take a look at a few of the advantages learning dance can have for boys:

A creative outlet

Many boys are told by their peers not to express themselves, experiment or be creative. Dance gives boys an outlet to experience freedom of movement, come up with narratives and find joy in music. 

You will never hear a boy being discouraged for dreaming up imaginative concepts or movements in the dance classes at our Matthews dance studio. Creativity and a level of improvisation are encouraged, to allow students to really be themselves. 

Health and fitness

It can be easy for boys to get sucked down the rabbit hole of video games, tv shows and the internet, particularly as they approach their high school years. 

During their dancing classes at our Matthews dance studio, boys are encouraged to be active. They’ll be working up a sweat and building their core strength. You don’t see many professional dancers who are out of shape, and this is for a reason! Peak physical fitness is required for peak physical performance. 

Likeminded friends

It is unfortunately true that some boys who dance may be bullied by those who don’t understand the incredible skill required to work on and present an amazing routine. 

However, kids who dance together form strong bonds, whether they are boys or girls. Rehearsal and performance times bring kids together at our Matthews dance studio, teaching them to work as part of a team and really support each other. 

Boys who dance will always be firmly in the corner of their fellow classmates and lasting friendships can develop. 

Goal setting

With fewer boys taking part in dance, it can be easier to stand out in a competition, particularly if you live in an area without a big population. There is nothing like the thrill of your first trophy win! 

Boys who dance may get a taste for winning before they realise they are up against a lot of others as the stakes get higher. For some students, this can be an excellent motivation to take their training to the next level. 

The discipline, commitment and focus required to win competitions can be applied in many different areas of life. 

What’s more, boys who have their sights set on acting as a career would do well to study dance. Having physical awareness and body control will help them no end as they apply for roles. 

It’s cool (really)

Being able to cut a rug and show off on the dance floor may spark a little teasing when kids are younger but as children grow, the ability to move well is always impressive. 

Having the confidence to show up your friends at the school disco or wowing the crowd at a local talent quest provides boys with the self-esteem so many are lacking during their pre-teen and teenage years. 

Dance really is a skill for life. Boys who learn this art form have more confidence, are fitter and feel good about themselves. They learn to respect their teachers and work with others in a team. Dance requires self-control and creative thinking, allowing boys to become well-rounded as they grow.

This is not to say boys shouldn’t play sports like soccer or martial arts but dance is by no means just for girls. Even if they only study at our Matthews dance studio for a short time, it can play a strong role in your child’s future success. 

Ready to introduce your son or daughter to the world of dance? Book a FREE trial lesson at our Matthews dance studio today!

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