Which Style of Dance is Right for Your Child? Try Them All at Our Matthews Dance Studio!

With so many styles of dance to choose from, which one should you pick? Try them all out first at our Matthews dance studio!

So your son or daughter wants to learn to dance. That’s great! They will join a world filled with wonder and fun. 

When you visit your local dance school, it can be confusing to know what type of dance to enrol your child in. From ballet to lyrical, there are so many styles! So which one is right for your child and how do you decide? 

Just try them all out first at our Matthews dance studio! 


Ballet is perhaps one of the oldest and best-recognised forms of dance. Small children are drawn to the idea of a pretty ballerina in a tutu being lifted high by a handsome prince. 

Learning this dance form at our Matthews dance studio starts out with very basic positions of the arms and feet. Generally, classes start at the barre, where children run through exercises to build their strength and skills. They then progress to standing exercises in the centre of the room before class finishes with some free dancing where children can put what they learn together. 

Ballet lessons for little ones are focused on fun. As they grow older, expectations will rise and the moves become more challenging. 

For children who just want to move, move, move, ballet may not be ideal as some of the exercises are slow and require a great deal of concentration. With that being said, as ballet is so challenging, it can form an excellent foundation for other dance styles and it is recommended every child who wants to dance tries ballet for at least a few lessons. 


Energetic and free, jazz also requires children to learn foundation moves and build their skills from the ground up. 

While ballet relies on classical music, jazz classes at our Matthews dance studio use fun songs which are more contemporary and upbeat. Students who learn jazz may go on to find professional roles as backup dancers in television and on stage, which is why you may hear people referring to it as ‘Commercial’. 

Jazz is excellent for children who want to spend a lot of their class time dancing in the centre of the room and learning routines they can practice with their friends. 


Contemporary dance could be described as a cross between jazz and ballet. It is more ‘flowing’ than jazz but less structured than ballet, and the costumes are less formal. 

This style of dance encourages self-expression and is generally suitable for children starting from mid to late primary school. Lessons at our Matthews dance studio will include foundational exercises and short routines, with children potentially working towards a longer performance or on a routine for competition. 


Another style which falls between Ballet and Jazz, Lyrical can be described as more flowing than Jazz but is generally set to more ‘gentle’ music. Elements of acrobatics may be incorporated into Lyrical. 

Students study Lyrical dance at our Matthews dance studio to build on their skill base and grow their ability to flow from movement to movement. 

Hip Hop

Fast and fun, Hip Hop is one of the more modern dance styles and the Hip Hop classes at our Matthews dance studio can be great for kids who want to show off their attitude or build their confidence. 

Hip Hop dancers are always a hit on the dance floor, with funky, street-style moves set to the latest rap and pop songs. This dance style can be lots of fun as children learn the steps and have fun showing personality through the routines. 

Being able to switch from Ballet to Hip Hop requires some skill but doing both will give children who hope for a career in dance a greater range of abilities. 


Coordination and musicality are so important for tap dancing, which, of course, refers to the dance style which requires special shoes. 

Tap classes at our Matthews dance studio involve practising the basics before learning short routines. Tap has a lot of personality but it does take a while to master. Students need to be patient with themselves. 

Many tappers find their skills useful if they plan on progressing to the musical theatre realm. 

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